Tip 53: Be thoughtful

When you take the time to think through what your customers are going through, and then do something that shows you were thinking of them, you’ll certainly gain brownie points.


  1. I’ve always appreciated doctors offices that were thoughtful enough to tape reading materials on the ceiling or on the wall for patients to read while distracting themselves from any discomfort during the exam.
  2. The Publix supermarkets have complimentary umbrellas available for customers to utilize to get to their cars when it is raining. The customers use the umbrellas when they need to, and bring them back on their next visit.


  1. Set aside regular times to evaluate your customer experience. When you proactively look for ways to think about your customers and ways to make life better for them, you’ll come up with plenty of ideas.
  2. Get input directly from your customers. Also consider getting input from a party outside of your business. A different set of eyes are often able to see things and highlight points of view that you aren’t able to think through because your experience is limited. But your customers who are experiencing your business regularly, and an outside party with an objective view can help you shed some additional light on the plight of your customers as they interact with your business.

Application for your business

  1. Map out the customer journey as they interact with you. By looking at their entire experience with you in one picture, you’ll get a better view of how you can make things better for them.
  2. Brainstorm three things you can do to show your customers you were thinking about them and ways to make their life better.

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