Tip 60: Let your customers in on your secrets

While you are letting your customers into your world, consider sharing some of your secrets with them. By giving them “behind the scenes exclusive access” to some of the keys to your success, they’ll feel even more connected to you. Sharing a bit of your “secret sauce” will certainly go a long way to increasing their loyalty to you.


  1. Do a search on YouTube for just about any topic using the word “secrets,” and you’ll come up with numerous videos of brands sharing with their audience secrets of how to be awesome.
  2. In his book Launch, author Jeff Walker lets readers in on the secret formula he had used for years to make millions both for his own business and those of his clients.


  1. Tap into what it is your customers are eager to learn about from you. You can get inspiration from the questions they ask you most frequently, or even the steps you’ve taken that have lead to your biggest successes.
  2. When sharing some of your secrets, don’t be afraid to give some of the specifics. It can be tempting to give high level “secrets” that don’t really have enough information in them to be actionable and beneficial for your audience. Resist the urge to be generic. Get down to sharing the nitty gritty of what makes you so awesome.

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm three “secrets” to share with your audience that have helped you achieve your level of success.
  2. Write down the best medium to share the secrets with your audience. Is it via email, video, blog post, or through a seminar?

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