Tip 59: Let your customers be a part of you

Customers like to be a part of something. And when they feel like they can be a part of you in a way that matters and contributes to the achievement of something great, then customers often jump at the chance.


  1. Many businesses invite customers participate in market research, or let them name one of your new products for instance.
  2. Doritos let’s their customers be a part of them each year for the Superbowl, by allowing them to create their own commercials for the chance to have it aired during the big game. Fans are also able to participate in the process by voting for which ad they want to see.


  1. Make including your customers a part of your culture. When you create an ongoing dialogue where your customers feel welcome to give you feedback and participate in things you do, it allows them to feel a greater sense of loyalty to you. It also allows you get to know them on a deeper level.
  2. When you make your customers a part of you, be sure to take them along every step of the way. That way, they’ll feel even more engaged in the process. It will also allow them to be more invested in whatever you produce as a result. So keep them informed, share what information you can, and continue to gather input from them when you can.

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm five decisions in your business that could benefit from including your customers in the process.
  2. Write down how to share with your customers the output of their participation in making decisions or contributions to your business.

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