Tip 63: Be cool (code for be yourself)

Who doesn’t like cool? These days cool takes on all kinds of different forms. The best possible way for you to be cool is to be yourself. The customers you are best suited to reach, the ones who will most appreciate your kind of awesome and what you have to offer will love that you are embracing being your cool self, rather than an uncool version of someone else. It’ll give them permission to be their cool selves too.


  1. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his fiery temper and use of expletives in his quest for perfection in his restaurants. While his approach to consistently putting out high calibre food and getting the best out of the chefs he trains and helps isn’t for everyone, his authenticity in the kitchen has earned him followers all over the world.
  2. Business coach, life coach, and hip-hop dancer Marie Forleo injects lots of her personality into her weekly videos. By embracing her unique talents, abilities, and personality, and using them to define her brand, she has been able to relate to her customers more easily.


  1. Business doesn’t have to be boring, or stuffy. Especially if you aren’t boring or stuffy. Your business should reflect you. And your personality. And your values. Make sure you inject who you are into your business.
  2. Fuse your personality into your business, but remember you are still running a business. That means you are there to serve your customers. So, serve your customers by being the real you (rather than making it all about you).

Application for your business

  1. What aspects of your personality do you want to fuse into your business? What do you need to do to inject more of your personality into your business.
  2. Given your personality, create a profile of the type of customer who would most appreciate the kind of awesome you ooze.

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