Tip 64: Love what you do (and let it show)

Have you ever watched someone who just really loved what they did? You can just tell they get a rush when they are in their element. With so many people who go about their day to day work watching the clock for the moment when they can go home and do anything else but what they’re currently doing, it is refreshing to engage with someone who loves what they do.

When you love the work you do, it shows. The love comes through in what you deliver. Your customers will love all the love you put into what you give them.


  1. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big Bruno Mars fan. One of the reasons why I enjoy his music, and in particular his live shows is that you can feel the love and energy Bruno and his band have for what they are doing. They are having the time of their lives whenever they grace the stage. It is infectious. The love they have and put into the music and performances makes me love Bruno and his band even more.
  2. The hair salon I went to when I lived in Philadelphia infuses lots of love in both their hair styles and products. In fact, one of the ingredients for the hair products they make is love. I could feel the love put into it every time I used it.


  1. Do the activities in your business that give you the most energy. When you focus on those activities that you enjoy, it’ll be much easier to infuse the love into all aspects of it. And for those activities that have a tendency to zap your energy, get someone else on your team to do it. 🙂
  2. Set some time aside to just do your craft for the love of it. In a setting that’s completely unrelated to your business. When you have time to do what you do when it’s not associated with your business, it gives you opportunity to fall in love with your craft all over again. And then you can come back and do it in your business with new fervor.

Application for your business

  1. Write down the thing or things that you love doing the most in your business. What do you need to do to do spend more time doing those things?
  2. Write down the necessary activities for your business that you don’t enjoy doing. Who can you delegate or hire to do the tasks for you?

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