Tip 65: Give your business some G.A.S.

Sonia Simone over at Copyblogger coined the term “giving your business some G.A.S.” In short, it is all about caring a whole lot about your business, your customers, what you’re doing, how you do it, your customers’ experience, and so on. It is about caring so much that you pay attention to all the details both big and small to make things better for your customers. The difference between those businesses that G.A.S. and those that don’t is amazing. And the results between the two are pretty amazing as well.


  1. Have you ever gone to a restaurant and found their restrooms were in pristine condition? You know, the kind of restroom that was so nice you didn’t mind hanging out a bit and didn’t necessarily feel the need to use a paper towel to touch every surface? Yeah, those are the companies that care a whole lot about their business, and the experience their customers have with it.
  2. In one of my old jobs in healthcare marketing, I often had to deal with a department on a subject area that made me want to bang my head up against the wall. It wasn’t my area of expertise, but it was one that was critical to the success of delivering quality products and communications to our customers in a compliant manner. So instead of banging my head up against the wall, I listened to the what this all important department told us we needed to do to keep us in good standing. It wasn’t fun. But me and my team did it, because we G.A.S. And I’m thankful that the other department G.A.S. enough about making sure we did what we needed to do, even when we weren’t the most enthusiastic about it.


  1. Leave no detail untended to. Think about the experience your customer has with you at every point in your business, and then work your magic to ensure your customer has a delightful experience at every point in the process.
  2. You can’t be an expert at everything. And as an entrepreneur you can’t do everything. So when you bring people on your team, make sure you bring people on who will be energized enough to G.A.S. about the things within their realm of responsibility. That way, you’ll be able to have someone who G.A.S. to help you pay attention to the details in your business for the good of your customers.

Application for your business

  1. Write down the functions of your business that you care deeply about in terms of making sure every detail is executed the way you envision.
  2. Write down the functions of your business that are not your favorite or areas of expertise that may be suffering from a bit of neglect. Who can you bring on your team to G.A.S. about those areas, so those details are executed in a way that benefits your customers most.

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