Tip 66: Have awesome people

When you have the right people on your team it can make all the difference in your business’ success. Your people are able to connect and delight your customers. They also play a major role in helping to create loyal customers. In addition, your people can help you behind the scenes when they implement ideas that improve the experiences your customers have with your business.


  1. A while back I had to stay in a hotel for a few months while work was being done on my place. I had a fabulous time at the hotel because the people working there were just so wonderful. They made my experience with them over the top, and I looked forward to interacting with them each day.
  2. I used to be a regular at my local Salad Works. One of the reasons I went back week after week was because of the ladies who worked there, Mirian, Kathy, and Erin. They always made me feel all warm and fuzzy as the greeted me by name and remembered my order. Their smiles and caring always brightened my day.


  1. Don’t take finding people to work on your team lightly. Put in the time, effort, and resources needed to get the right person on the team. It may be tempting to just put someone in place to fill an immediate need, but the wrong person could do you a whole lot more harm than good.
  2. When looking to add a new person to your team, make sure you know in advance what qualities are most important. While know how and expertise are important factors, getting someone on board who embodies your values and customer delight philosophy will help you to more easily find the awesome people your business needs.

Application for your business

  1. Write down five qualities that are most important for the people on your team to have?
  2. Write down three sources to find awesome people to help you grow your business.

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