Tip 93: Do special things

Special celebrations are fun. Make a big to-do and make it so customers are able to benefit from that to-do. Perhaps, you could throw a flash sale or a “just because you’re awesome” type celebration.


  1. You can make it something big, like one of Oprah’s famous things giveaways, or do it small. Just introducing something special for your customers is what matters and will take their delight to a new level.
  2. At my last corporate job, several of our vendors would do special things for us just to let us know how much they would appreciate us. From lunches, to personalized stationary, delicioso flavored popcorn, to really helpful books, our vendors did lots of special things to spoil us rotten.


  1. Make your special to-do an annual thing. Maybe it is an annual customer appreciation event, or gift, or card, or something. Just make it a regular occurrence, so you are able to celebrate your customers on a consistent basis.
  2. Plan you special celebrations out in advance. Yes, spontaneity is fun, but the point is for the spontaneity to be for your customer. 🙂 When you are able to plan out your special to-do’s in advance, you’ll get better pricing, and will be able to make sure you have plenty of time to incorporate all that is necessary to pull off a wonderful celebration for your customers.

Application for your business

  1. Brainstorm five special things you can do for your customers. Write down the resources required to execute your special thing flawlessly.
  2. Write out at what point(s) in the calendar year you will implement your special event(s) for your customers.

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