Tip 94: Bake your customers some cookies

Bake your customers some cookies. You’ll have their hearts for sure. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be cookies exactly, just something in value that’s way up there on the thoughtfulness and awesomeness scale. Something that will penetrate your customers’ hearts and make them remember you for always.


  1. When I had to spend an extended period of time at a hotel because of a plumbing issue in my condo, one of the team members in the kitchen baked me cookies. I thought it was the sweetest gesture. I sent a note to my friends telling them how kind, generous, and thoughtful that was. The cookies were delicious too!
  2. The DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton welcomes guests to their properties with warm fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie at check-in. They are mucho delicioso. And they instantly put a smile on the faces of their many guests.


  1. Food is always a great way to make your customers feel welcome and warm. But don’t feel like food has to be the only way to their hearts. The options are endless. Feel free to enlist the help of others connected to your business to brainstorm ways to thoughtfully make your customers feel warm, fuzzy, and welcome.
  2. The “cookies” you offer your customers don’t have to be anything related to your business or your products. It is all about doing something to deliver on the experience you want them to have with your business. So once you nail down the experience you want your customers to have, you’ll be able to more readily think up some cool ways to “bake them some cookies” to deliver that experience.

Application for your business

  1. Write down the experience you want your customers to have with your business. Be sure to include how you want them to feel when they first encounter you, while they are using your product, and even how you want them to feel after engaging with your business.
  2. Based upon the customer experience you want to deliver, brainstorm ten “cookies” you can give your customers to help bring that experience to life.

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