7 Reasons why stripping can help you reach your goals [vintage]

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Strip your motives down. Strip them naked. Strip them down to the core.

When it comes to building your business, why not strip off all your covering for your motives and let it all hang out? Then you can get to the real of why you should do something.

Just in case you were wondering, this is not a post about getting on the stripper pole! It’s about stripping down your objectives. It’s about getting very clear about what it is you are striving to accomplish.

Asking the question, “what is my objective?” is the most important question to ask when building your business, or taking on a new project. Why is this necessary? Because so often people run off doing lots of different tasks and activities that don’t serve to help them achieve their ultimate goal. And they do this because the true motive that drives the behavior is all wrapped up and covered in a bunch of layers. As a result, the ultimate need or goal is missed.

For instance, I know many entrepreneurs who put up a website solely because they thought they needed to have one. While it may be true that the website was necessary, not knowing why the website is necessary, or what it is that it should accomplish for you makes the tool ineffective at helping you achieve the dream you have for your business. So the task was completed, the website is up, but the real objective has not been met. Because the true motives were all covered up.

Not yet convinced that you need to do some stripping? Here are seven key benefits to help illustrate the importance of getting to the core of your objective:

1. It helps you clarify what you really want

By peeling back all the layers that are surrounding your objective, you are able to clearly evaluate what is it that you really want. Is your objective to build a business that revolves around you, or one that works efficiently on its own whether you are the one doing the day-to-day activities or not. Depending on your answer, how you go about building your business would be very different. But if your motive isn’t stripped down to the core, you may end up taking a number of detours in your journey, or ultimately not getting you the results you seek.

2. It helps you identify the direction you should go

Once you strip away all the extra layers, you’re able to see more clearly the path that will get you to where you want to go, as well as which ones you should stay away from.

3. It helps you narrow down which activities and tasks you should be doing

Once you know very clearly what you are trying to accomplish, you can get rid of all the other junk that doesn’t advance you toward reaching that goal. It’s easy to get into the buffet table fog and put a lot of different tasks on your business’ plate, but that will only slow your progress toward reaching your goal (or get you burned out quickly, which is no bueno).

4. It helps you be honest with yourself

Once you get to the core of your objective and are able to see all that is required to help you achieve it, you can then decide if you are willing to do all that’s necessary. Lot’s of times people have big dreams, but aren’t quite willing to put all the work in that’s required to get them there. When the path is laid out for you in the beginning, you can have a heart to heart with yourself to identify if the journey to your dream is one you are willing to endure. If it is, full steam ahead! If not, no shame at all. However, it is probably a good idea to revisit benefit #1, and further strip down your objective to find out what it is you really want.

5. It helps you make decisions

As you go through your day to day working toward reaching your dreams, different situations and opportunities may pop up that you’ll have to evaluate what your response will be. Having a stripped down objective can serve as a decision tree for you. Does the situation or opportunity align with your objective or help you advance it? If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t engage in it.

6. It keeps you going when you don’t feel like it

There will be days when you just won’t feel it. But you have to find a way to push past the “don’t feel like its.” And with a stripped down motive, when your mind starts singing a swan song about why it doesn’t want to do what you need to do, you can quickly respond back and remind it of why you are doing all that you are. When you’re objective is clear and it means something to you, it becomes easier to shut down the inner voice of dissent that wants you to take an easier route.

7. It helps others know whether or not to get on board

When people are very clear about what it is that you are trying to accomplish, it will make the decision for whether or not to join you easier. People need help in eliminating the risk of why they should work with you or buy from you. And if they are able to clearly see what your motives are they’ll be able to make up their minds with regard to if its something that they want to be a part of.

Stripping down naked helps you see things for what they really are. And when it comes achieving your dreams, the journey to getting there will be a whole lot smoother by peeling back all the unnecessary layers on your objectives. In this sense, doing some stripping were definitely help you skip the detours so you can get to where you really want to go.