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60: How to stop feeling crappy and operate at maximum brain power

As you build your business, you need all the energy and brain power you can handle. Listen as Jessica Blanchard explains how to stop feeling crappy so you can grow your business.

Jessica Blanchard is a registered dietician, yoga instructor, and longtime Ayurvedic practitioner.

She’s the founder of Stop Feeling Crappy, where she’s on a mission to improve your health through the power of diet, yoga, and your lifestyle.

Jessica also owns a yoga studio, Balance Yoga and Wellness in New Orleans.

We can learn so much from Jessica, in particular her holistic approach to helping you feel good so you can perform at your best to grow your business.

Key points:

  • How stress impacts your ability to work
  • A practical way to move past fear
  • A simple morning routine to help you start your day off right
  • The one thing you should focus on to make your brain operate at full capacity
  • The danger in trying to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to your business and life
  • Why you should embrace being a beginner
  • What marketing is really about

Listen to the 26-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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