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116: Dorie Clark on how to grow your business exponentially (rather than just incrementally)

Entrepreneurs: If you want to grow your business exponentially, you've got to work on doing things that scale. Otherwise, you're limit yourself to only being able to grow incrementally. Dorie Clark explains a smart strategy to get exponential results over time.

Dorie Clark is a marketing consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review. She’s also the author of the three books Reinventing You, Stand Out, and Entrepreneurial You.

We can learn a ton from Dorie, in particular how she grew her business exponentially while adding very little overhead to her business.

Key points:

  • Why being a recognized expert and being well respected in your field isn’t enough to earn a great income (automatically)
  • The big mistake people make with trying to monetize their expertise
  • How to make the selling process easier
  • The critical skill you need to have in the new economy
  • The smart way to network with almost anyone
  • The two activities that will get you clients consistently
  • A highly effective framework to take control of your time

Listen to the 45-minute interview here:

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Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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