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97: The art of playing (and winning) the long game in entrepreneurship and life

Entrepreneurs: Are you playing the long game in your business and with your life? You totally should be. Here's how to do it without getting side-traked or overwhelmed.

Julian Hayes is the founder of The Art of Fitness and Life, where he helps ambitious people integrate a fitness habit into their desired lifestyle.

Julian is also a speaker, and consultant, and the author of the book Body Architect.

We can learn a ton from Julian, in particular what he picked up about how to effectively play the long game as a business owner.

Key points:

  • The downside of getting lost in your work
  • The essential thing you need to realize your million dollar talent
  • How to develop a suite of habits that help you perform at a higher level
  • How to stand out when you’re in a crowded industry
  • Why you need to be an expert detective when dealing with clients
  • How to survive the bootstrap years of entrepreneurship
  • The different roles you need within your inner circle

Listen to the 29-minute episode here:

Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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