118: How to build the support system you need to grow your business

Entrepreneurs: Building a business can be a lonely road. That's why you need a support system as you build your business. Tune in to find out how to build one

Mark Fortune is the founder of Fortune Marketing, where he teaches small business owners how to grow their businesses quickly, affordably, and consistently.

We can learn a ton from Mark, in particular, what he’s learned about how to use strategic partnerships and relationships to support and grow his business.

Key points:

  • What to do when your mind is full of doubts about running your business
  • How to know when its time to bring on outside help to grow your business
  • How to know what services your clients most need you to do for them
  • How to win clients without having to do a hard sell
  • A smart (and faster) way to build a high-performance team culture
  • How to know what tasks you should be outsourcing
  • Why you need to be clear about who you are as a business owner

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Show notes:

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Free Mini-Course: The Blueprint for Building a Thriving Business

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