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Ep. 16: Navigating the Complex World of Identity

Business is about belonging, and identity is a critical aspect of belonging. As you work to build an inclusive brand, it’s essential to think carefully about identity and what types of categorizations are necessary. As we dive into this complex topic, I’ll go over challenges, real-world examples and strategies to help you approach your customer’s various identities.
Identity matters. Don’t take shortcuts with it! The people you serve will reward you when you take the time to get it right.

Welcome to Inclusion and Marketing, the show that’s all about helping you win the attention, adoration and loyalty of more consumers, especially those with differences that are often ignored by brands. I’m your host, Sonia Thompson, a marketer and someone with a lot of differences. Let’s get to it.     

This episode will also cover

  • Common questions including the difference between ethnicity and race.
  • The various challenges that can arise when categorizing groups of consumers.
  • How categorizations and the data associated with them can help companies.
  • Identify equity concerns and gaps.


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