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Ep. 6: How to Build an Employer Brand That Attracts and Retains a Representative Team with Deseree Booker

In this week’s episode, I interview Deseree about how a company’s brand and DEI (Diversity Equity, and Inclusion) must be considered and developed to create a positive employee experience.
Company culture has shifted away from “you’re lucky to have this job,” and instead given a lot more control to the employee. Deseree and I go over what companies need to think about to attract ideal talent and then retain them.

Welcome to Inclusion and Marketing, the show that’s all about helping you win the attention, adoration and loyalty of more consumers, especially those with differences that are often ignored by brands. I’m your host, Sonia Thompson, a marketer and someone with a lot of differences. Let’s get to it.     

We go over

  • The importance of investing in the candidate and employee experience
  • How creating a good company culture can directly impact your employee’s ability to deliver their best work and be their best selves
  • How to balance social proof without doing it in a performative way
  • Is it important to think about all different levels of employees (full-time, part-time, contractors, etc.)?


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