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Ep. 7: What Happens to People Most Brands Exclude?

Brands have power. Your consumer wants to see a reflection of themselves in your marketing. They want to be treated equally, not discriminated against for any pre-existing conditions.

Welcome to Inclusion and Marketing, the show that’s all about helping you win the attention, adoration and loyalty of more consumers, especially those with differences that are often ignored by brands. I’m your host, Sonia Thompson, a marketer and someone with a lot of differences. Let’s get to it.     

In this episode, I share my journey of finding health insurance after quitting my full-time job and going freelance and my struggles of getting affordable coverage due to my pre-existing condition.

I also cover examples with Unilever, my husband Jonathan’s experiences, and the ADA.

What is the impact on the people who have the problem that your business solves who can’t achieve the process of the transformation you deliver because they can’t access it?


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Until next time. Remember, everyone deserves to have a place where they belong. Let’s use our individual and collective power to ensure more people feel like they do.

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